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Published on December 17, 2006 By Arlya In WoW
"The time is almost upon us. In Azeroth and beyond, the powers that be are preparing for the coming of a new age of chaos, a catastrophe many foresaw but few believed in. New alliances are forged while old hatreds continue to persist. And beyond the Dark Portal, an ancient enemy is awaiting the final showdown, the battle that will change the face of the world... forever. "

The trailer looks awesome. I'm posting this for those WoW-ers who haven't seen it yet. The only thing I'm not really feeling is how the Blood Elf lady has a very human face. It bugs the crap out of me. But the Draenai...awesome! I'm thinking of making a Draenai shammy when BC comes out.

Link "

on Dec 17, 2006
As always, Blizzard impresses with their cinematics. I'm really looking forward to seeing Illidan take a larger role in the game. That leaves Arthas the Litch King for the next expansion (Northrend?).

It's going to be a Draenai shaman for me too!

on Dec 24, 2006
what server are you guys on? I have 2 characters at the moment: Level 31 Human Paladin and a Level 17 Gnome Warlock on the Blackwater Raiders server.

I didn't know anyone around here was still playing.

I do have the xpack pre-ordered....on my server, I have started a guild: Sentinels of the Shroud

on Dec 30, 2006
what server are you guys on?

I'm on Blackhand with my 60 gnome mage, 39 gnome rogue, and 47 Nelf warrior. I have a few toons on other servers as well, but none that get played as much as those 3.

on Dec 31, 2006
Yeah I used to play WoW till about a month and a half ago. Got bored of the endless dungeon grinding, it got to me after a while and I really couldn't face another month or so grinding an alternate character.
Don't get me wrong in thinking that I'm whinging about it, I loved the game while I was going from Level 1 to 60. A guild friend of mine once said the game started at 60 but for me the game WAS 1 to 60, after that it just sank into mind numbing gold/items grinding instead of creeping around castle ruins in the rain...or a thrilling chase through the trees by a trio of Dragoinkin...or simply fishing at sunset in Stranglethorn...I took so many good memories from that game.
I might well reopen my account once Burning Crusade comes round but I'll probably want to go on another server, anyone got some suggestions for a good one?
Also I'm not rolling Warrior again, too bloody stressful LOL.
on Feb 03, 2007
This may be old news to you guys but I got a kick out of it.

">WWW Link

I'm having a blast in BC so far. Got my 'lock to level 61. Wiped on the last boss in the Citedal and the group fell apart but no worries. I'll be back